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Bespoke Furniture Mid Wales

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Having an example of hand crafted furniture for your home whether it is in Oak, Ash or indeed the cabinet makers favourite -Walnut will be something special to own and pass on for generations. Traditionally Oak furniture has been the favourite and I can offer a wide selection of grains from straight grained to Burr Oak from my carefully collected stock.

We have a limited quantity of custom furniture from Corner cupboards, Welsh Dressers, Tables and chairs, so please give us a call and see if we can help you to have that unique bespoke piece made.

I live and work from my Montgomeryshire home near Welshpool, and offer you a warm welcome if you would like to see our Custom made furniture and see the workshop which is always interesting.

Everyone is welcome to visit and have a cup of tea, we love our work and workshop and are only too willing to show it off, there is always something to see!

Nick's Showroom

We have furniture here at The Rhallt that displays furniture for sale including; Desks, Welsh Dressers, Housekeepers Cupboards, large Tables, Small Tables, Chairs – I could carry on, but please view for yourself or alternately click onto the Ebay Shop logo below and see our furniture from the comfort of your own home.

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